HYNTO is the world's safest baby health-care product that monitors your baby's defecation inside his/her diaper and signals to change the diaper at appropriate time.

Timely diaper change helps prevent 15+ commonly occurring hygiene-related infections from happening to your baby.


  • Absolutely safe for your baby

  • Extremely comfortable for your baby, and 

  • Very easy to use

HYNTO offers 23 benefits to you and your baby which is the world's largest and the best set of benefits.

HYNTO strip specifications:

  • Length = 24 cm

  • Width = 25 mm

  • Thickness ~= 1/3 mm

  • Weight ~= 1 gram

Representation of Front side of Hynto strip

Front side of the HYNTO Strip with medical grade surface. This surface touches the baby.

Representation of the back side of Hynto strip

Back side of the HYNTO Strip with color indicator and adhesive covered with a release liner. This side sticks to the baby's diaper.

The design and materials used in HYNTO makes it

Absolutely Safe For Your Baby

1) Medical grade surface

2) Hypoallergenic

3) Non-irritating

4) Medication-free

5) Alcohol-free

6) Fragrance-free

7) Chemical-free

8) Latex-free

9) Dry

10) Non-toxic

11) Non-electronic

12) Radiation-free

13) Heavy-metal-free

Extremely Comfortable For Your Baby

14) Ultra-thin (approx 0.35 millimeter thick, which is roughly equal to 4 to 5 printer papers stacked together) such that babies don't even feel it

15) Soft

16) Flexible

17) Doesn't make lights or sounds i.e. it does not disturb the baby.

Very Easy To Use

18) Simply stick it in the diaper such that the color indicator is outside

19) Monitor from outside

20) After use, discard together with the diaper

21) No need to undress or un-bundle the baby to monitor

22) Recyclable (for unused strips)

23) Diaper-independent i.e. it can be used with your favorite brand, model, type of diaper

Using Hynto Is As Easy As Using A Sticker!

Step 1: Remove the release liner from the back of one HYNTO strip and stick it inside your baby's diaper in the front-center position such that the color indicator is outside the diaper.
how to stick hynto strip inside a baby's diaer
Step 2: Simply keep an eye on the indicator whenever you check on your baby. Change the diaper as early as possible when you see that the indicator has become (even partially) bright Orange in color.
change diaper when color indicator turns bright orange
Step 3: Dispose the used HYNTO strip together with the used diaper.
used folded baby diaper for disposal