Hynto FAQs

1. Is Hynto safe for my baby?


The surface that touches the baby is made of medical grade material. This is the same material that is used even in NICUs to help take care of babies requiring special care and attention.

Moreover, this material is far superior to the non-woven fabric inside your baby's diaper. Most of these fabrics are treated with chemicals and it may also have colors.

Therefore, you can be assured that the material touching your baby is the best that money can buy in the market today!

2. What factors does Hynto take into account?

Hynto takes into account the following:

a) The baby's defecation quantity

b) The baby's defecation frequency

b) The normal time it takes for bacteria/viruses etc to grow

c) The sensitivity of the babies to catch infections

d) The lack of free flow of fresh air inside a baby's diaper

3. Do you guarantee that if I use Hynto then my baby will never get hygiene-related medical conditions?


We, or anyone else, including the best pediatricians worldwide, cannot guarantee this.

The reason for this is that using  Hnto or seeking suggestions from doctors can only reduce the risk of the baby getting infections. However, there is no known and well-tested method that completely removes the risk of babies getting infections.

4. I find that my baby's diaper is heavy but Hynto has not shown any color change, Should I change the diaper? Does this mean Hynto malfunctioned?

Yes, for the question about changing the baby's diaper.

No, for the question about Hynto malfunction.

If you find that the diaper is heavy, then please change it ASAP. There could be many reasons that Hynto did not show color change. The most frequent reason being that Hynto strip was not fitted in such a position where the baby defecates on the strip. For Hynto to function properly, it is essential that the baby defecates on the strip.

5.  I have noticed that sometimes the color will revert back to the initial color. Does it mean that I can re-use that strip?


Please never re-use any strips. There are two reasons for this:

a) Once the strip is used, it will have baby's defecation on its outer surface as well as inside it. Therefore, re-using would mean you are actually letting this stale defecation touch your baby.

b) Hynto strip partly loses its effectiveness after use. Therefore, there is no guarantee if it will work or not, or how good it will work.


Please refer to the Hynto user guide for comprehensive information about how to use, safety information, and voluntary disclosures.