Because Responsible Parents Never Take Chances With Their Baby's Health !


Studies show that 4 out of every 5 babies worldwide suffer from medical problems because the parent unknowingly fails to change the baby's diaper at the right time. A baby's diaper area must always be kept clean and dry. Prolonged exposure to dirtiness inside the diaper causes many medical problems to the baby. HYNTO monitors dirtiness inside your baby's diaper and signals you at the right time to change the diaper. Timely diaper change helps prevent 15+ medical problems from happening to your baby that include diaper rashes, bacterial infections, fungal infections, yeast infections, urinary tract infections (UTIs) etc. 

Responsible parents never put their baby at the risk of these medical problems!

What is HYNTO®?

Premium Baby Care Product For Best Care Of Babies!

hynto helps provide best care to the babies

HYTNO is the world's only baby-care product for newborns until 6 month old babies that monitors dirtiness inside the baby's diaper and signals at an appropriate time to change the baby's diaper. It comes as a Chemical-free, Medication-free, Electronics-free ultra-thin, soft and flexible single-use strips that attaches inside any make/model/brand of diaper. The design and the materials used in HYNTO makes it absolutely safe for the baby, extremely comfortable for the baby, and very easy to use in a variety of situations.

Your baby truly deserves this premium care!

How To Use HYNTO®?

Just like a sticker!

baby in diaper orange color hynto

Remove the release liner from back of one HYNTO strip and stick it inside the baby's diaper in the front-center position. Put on this diaper on to the baby normally. Adjust the diaper such that the baby would urinate and pass stools on the strip. Clothe the baby normally and pull out the color indicator outside the clothes of the baby. Keep an eye on the indicator from time to time. Change the diaper when the color indicator either fully or partially turns to bright Orange color. All this, without opening the diaper to check it!

Top-class care for your baby is now as easy as using a sticker!

When To Use HYNTO®?

Anywhere, Anytime, All the time!

hynto can be used in different situations

People use HYNTO in a variety of situations. These include when taking baby outside, when traveling with the baby, when leaving the baby in a day-care or with a baby-sitter. People looking to gift something useful to parents of newborns gift a packet of HYNTO together with other gift items which the parents usually use as a personal diaper trainer to learn an practice good diapering habits. 

Parents always keep a few strips in stock!

Is HYNTO® Safe For The Baby?


hynto is absolutely safe for the baby

HYNTO surpasses the stringent safety requirements of US CPSIA, and EU Directive 2011/65/EU. It includes testing for 32 such substances which are either very harmful to the baby, or to the person handling it, or to our environment. HYNTO is completely free of such substances. Moreover, no side-effects were observed in the independent clinical tests. The surface/side of HYNTO that touches the baby's skin HYNTO is made of a medical grade material. It is completely free of harmful or toxic chemicals, medication, alcohol, fragrance, heavy-metals and latex. HYNTO is also electronics-free, radiations-free, dry, non-irritating, and hypoallergenic. 

HYNTO is the safest method to help keep your baby healthy, happy, and tear-free!

Is HYNTO®  Comfortable For The Baby?

Babies don't even feel it!

hynto is extremely comfortable for the baby

With the thickness of about 0.3 mm, a HYNTO strip is extremely thin. Moreover, it is soft, flexible and dry. On top of this, HYNTO does not make any light or sounds thus it doesn't disturb the baby at all. All this has been verified in the independent clinical testing as well !

HYNTO is so comfortable that babies don't even feel it !!

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